September 23, 2013

Basically I fell off the face of the planet

besides being sleepy and going to sleep reasons for this pic.

So the last time I posted was in July. Yikes. Here's a quick summary for you all....I went to Pittsburg/DC on a friend road trip (yippee), worked, packed, moved and started the craziest semester of my life. So although I could have been making time to blog I just haven't, I'm just lazy and lame like that sometimes. So here's the scoop, for now this isn't a good place for me in the big scheme of things. Classes are tough (Anatomy/Physiology, Phonetics, Communication Theories and lots of Feminist Theory) and I decided working would be a good idea too. Needless to say I'm swamped. I may soon find the need to come back here and share life but for now....I will miss you all! And now to bed!
Much love,

July 22, 2013


This summer has stolen me away from the online world...but for the adventures I've been having its been quite ok. For now I am getting back into the swing of things after a fab road trip to Pitt and DC! So much to tell! But for now I must go....
Much love,

July 10, 2013

My gluten free adventure

After  Spain and more specifically Morocco, my stomach and digestive system has been a hot mess. Not to share too much info but things were not so normal with my stomach and some other bodily functions...ick! So after listening to my body and realizing it was worst after eating wheat/gluten...I went gluten free. As of today (july 8) I have been GF for 2 weeks! Whoop! But I think it has made a difference. I have been very conscious of food labels which is not only very interesting but also very educational. Who the heck knows what chilton or nishasta is? I still don't. Haha!

Going GF has not been as bad as I thought it might be. I have found there to be a huge selection of GF foods. Generally, I've been eating more fruits, veggies and meats (which I should be doing anyways) but I still love my carbs. So I was recommended Udi's GF bread and various other products (names I cannot think of). But my favorite is a local co-op makes homemade lemon GF cookies. So delicious!
I am also not completely GF so I do not worry about cross contamination like people with celiac and other intense GF issues. I have allowed some gluten products but I feel ick afterward. So for now I am working on being GF. If anyone has recipes or tips send them here.
Much love,

July 8, 2013

DIY: bows

So I have been kinda bad at this blogging thing...but here is a cute, easy and fun diy project!
materials: fabric scraps, thread, needle
step 1: lay out fabric square (mine was 6 by 3 inches ish)
step 2: fold so long ends overlap
step 3: fold so short ends overlap 
step 4: sew all folds together
step 5: pinch so to make a bow shape
step 6: sew through all these layers 
(after secured, I snipped the first threaded holding it together, but this is optional)
step 7: hooray! you made bows! secure with cute fabric or yarn in the middle
step 8: hot glue to bobby pin or clip for your hair (like the first pic above)
step 9: make friends jealous with your mad skills! 
Much love,

June 30, 2013

Hip hip hooray!

Two super exciting anniversaries happened this past month! The first was my little blog space here is 1 years old. Its exciting to see where I've been and where I'm going...I love it! The second is the 3 year anniversary of Riley and I. Its crazy to think I've had this boy in my life for that long. 
With both things (the blog and the boy) its been such an amazing ride! I hope for so many more adventures:) Hooray!
From oh so long ago...

 Much love,
P.S. Sorry for my absence...I've been busy and kinda lazy but mainly living life!

June 19, 2013

Let's go on a bike ride!

 Now that chem has been conquered! I feel as though colors are brighter, the sun shines more and the creative juices are flowing! Hooray! So Riley and I decided to take advantage of the sunshine and adventure into the wilderness on our bikes. Even though we were only away from home for a half hour, it was a nice adventure. We have both decided that it is necessary for us to get out more and enjoy our too short MN summers. So here's to no chem and more adventures!

Much love,

June 15, 2013

Ropa: date with the boy

So I am surviving chemistry but barely. I am in the home stretch people! Woohoo! However, its been generally stressful. I started my job on Monday ( and best and most fun kids) but doing that plus chem has taken a toll on me. Literally I am a mess; I've developed what I believe to be TMJ from clenching my teeth and I'm just gosh darn tired. But I guess after living the good life in spain for 3 months and then hanging out for the last 2...I deserve it!  So after spending the last few weeks getting as much chem done as possible and then starting to work, it was time for Riley and I to go on a date. We went to our favorite little town close by and walked around the farmers market, cute shops, ate tacos at a cool newish restaurant and saw Kopecky family band at a radio event. It was a super fun adventure! 

Riley was a great photographer and I hope he's ready to get more jobs from me and this blog. Also, as we were about to leave he asked, "does Riley need photos of himself". It was basically the cutest so I had to take some of him. It was super happy so along with my outfit you got a Riley outfit too (which is great because I'm pretty sure he has better style then me sometimes).

Gosh I love spending time with that boy!

Sara: shirt Banana Republic// skirt thrifted // belt thrifted // shoes Saltwater // earrings Francesca's // necklace gift from mama // purse Sak //
Riley: pirate ship shirt gift from me (Etsy) // button shirt h&m // shorts h&m // shoes Sperry's // necklaces from me (Etsy) //

Much love,

May 22, 2013

Ropa: because I should do chem right now

Hello again friends! I have a semi-legit outfit post! Hooray!
So yesterday when I took these photos I was suppose to be studying chemistry because I'm taking a summer class...blah! But of course instead I got distracted, cleaned my room and took these photos.
I kept this outfit simple jewelry-wise because the blouse has lots of small animals. I love this dress but because its so short on me I have to wear leggings or tights with it. This is just a great date outfit! 
Much love,

May 13, 2013

Ropa: I hated everything in my closet today so I wore this

Saturday the boyfriend and I went on an adventure with Bear (aka dog in photo one) but before we went I stared at my closet hating everything. At this point it was already 4pm (I was still in pjs...) and I was running after trying on everything in my closet. I threw on my tried and true grey stripped T from gap, a sweater and was done. I struggle but its not completely my fault...this weather is cray. Friday it was mid 70s and then saturday maybe mid 50s, plus we were by a lake and it was windy. One  can only hope the weather will start to be more summer like on a consistent schedule....but until then I will struggle to dress myself.
Much love,

May 2, 2013

This week

1) Riley and I at a free Mat Kearney concert!
2) My brother's set for his last play.
3) First bon fire of the year.
4) Post card from Hannah on vacation in Prague.
5) Healthy eating! Trying to make this a normal lunch.
6/7) Recent outfits! This week has varied from 70 to 32 degrees...its crazy!

How's your week?!
Much love,