May 22, 2013

Ropa: because I should do chem right now

Hello again friends! I have a semi-legit outfit post! Hooray!
So yesterday when I took these photos I was suppose to be studying chemistry because I'm taking a summer class...blah! But of course instead I got distracted, cleaned my room and took these photos.
I kept this outfit simple jewelry-wise because the blouse has lots of small animals. I love this dress but because its so short on me I have to wear leggings or tights with it. This is just a great date outfit! 
Much love,


  1. you're so cute. i'm really loving all the colors here!

  2. Haha I'd probably wander away from chemistry the same way ;)And i LOVE this outfit- that powdery pink dress looks so pretty with the animal print blouse. Seriously, I'm swooning over this

    xo Marlen
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