May 13, 2013

Ropa: I hated everything in my closet today so I wore this

Saturday the boyfriend and I went on an adventure with Bear (aka dog in photo one) but before we went I stared at my closet hating everything. At this point it was already 4pm (I was still in pjs...) and I was running after trying on everything in my closet. I threw on my tried and true grey stripped T from gap, a sweater and was done. I struggle but its not completely my fault...this weather is cray. Friday it was mid 70s and then saturday maybe mid 50s, plus we were by a lake and it was windy. One  can only hope the weather will start to be more summer like on a consistent schedule....but until then I will struggle to dress myself.
Much love,


  1. Some days are just like that. I hope your inspiration returns soon! That jacket looks like a great piece to start with...
    Belly rubs for Bear!

  2. uhm, this outfit rocks because it looks comfortable as heck and that dog is adorable ;) I love the striped shirt!