September 23, 2013

Basically I fell off the face of the planet

besides being sleepy and going to sleep reasons for this pic.

So the last time I posted was in July. Yikes. Here's a quick summary for you all....I went to Pittsburg/DC on a friend road trip (yippee), worked, packed, moved and started the craziest semester of my life. So although I could have been making time to blog I just haven't, I'm just lazy and lame like that sometimes. So here's the scoop, for now this isn't a good place for me in the big scheme of things. Classes are tough (Anatomy/Physiology, Phonetics, Communication Theories and lots of Feminist Theory) and I decided working would be a good idea too. Needless to say I'm swamped. I may soon find the need to come back here and share life but for now....I will miss you all! And now to bed!
Much love,

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