June 15, 2013

Ropa: date with the boy

So I am surviving chemistry but barely. I am in the home stretch people! Woohoo! However, its been generally stressful. I started my job on Monday (hooray....money and best and most fun kids) but doing that plus chem has taken a toll on me. Literally I am a mess; I've developed what I believe to be TMJ from clenching my teeth and I'm just gosh darn tired. But I guess after living the good life in spain for 3 months and then hanging out for the last 2...I deserve it!  So after spending the last few weeks getting as much chem done as possible and then starting to work, it was time for Riley and I to go on a date. We went to our favorite little town close by and walked around the farmers market, cute shops, ate tacos at a cool newish restaurant and saw Kopecky family band at a radio event. It was a super fun adventure! 

Riley was a great photographer and I hope he's ready to get more jobs from me and this blog. Also, as we were about to leave he asked, "does Riley need photos of himself". It was basically the cutest so I had to take some of him. It was super happy so along with my outfit you got a Riley outfit too (which is great because I'm pretty sure he has better style then me sometimes).

Gosh I love spending time with that boy!

Sara: shirt Banana Republic// skirt thrifted // belt thrifted // shoes Saltwater // earrings Francesca's // necklace gift from mama // purse Sak //
Riley: pirate ship shirt gift from me (Etsy) // button shirt h&m // shorts h&m // shoes Sperry's // necklaces from me (Etsy) //

Much love,


  1. aww what a cute couple shoot ;) and sweet god, just reading about your chem struggles gives ME stress. i was never a science whiz.

    but on a happier note- love those arrow earrings. very cute!

    xo Marlen
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  2. ah, i am in love with your skirt here! it looks so comfy, and i am all about comfort in the summer time!

    lindsey louise


  3. I'm going through a bunch of your old posts (because I'm the worst and I haven't been here in FAR too long) and can I just tell you how cute you are?! Seriously. And everything you've been wearing (like in this post) is absolutely adorable.

    Hope you've been doing well! Happy anniversary to you and your boy too! :)