July 8, 2013

DIY: bows

So I have been kinda bad at this blogging thing...but here is a cute, easy and fun diy project!
materials: fabric scraps, thread, needle
step 1: lay out fabric square (mine was 6 by 3 inches ish)
step 2: fold so long ends overlap
step 3: fold so short ends overlap 
step 4: sew all folds together
step 5: pinch so to make a bow shape
step 6: sew through all these layers 
(after secured, I snipped the first threaded holding it together, but this is optional)
step 7: hooray! you made bows! secure with cute fabric or yarn in the middle
step 8: hot glue to bobby pin or clip for your hair (like the first pic above)
step 9: make friends jealous with your mad skills! 
Much love,

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