July 10, 2013

My gluten free adventure

After  Spain and more specifically Morocco, my stomach and digestive system has been a hot mess. Not to share too much info but things were not so normal with my stomach and some other bodily functions...ick! So after listening to my body and realizing it was worst after eating wheat/gluten...I went gluten free. As of today (july 8) I have been GF for 2 weeks! Whoop! But I think it has made a difference. I have been very conscious of food labels which is not only very interesting but also very educational. Who the heck knows what chilton or nishasta is? I still don't. Haha!

Going GF has not been as bad as I thought it might be. I have found there to be a huge selection of GF foods. Generally, I've been eating more fruits, veggies and meats (which I should be doing anyways) but I still love my carbs. So I was recommended Udi's GF bread and various other products (names I cannot think of). But my favorite is a local co-op makes homemade lemon GF cookies. So delicious!
I am also not completely GF so I do not worry about cross contamination like people with celiac and other intense GF issues. I have allowed some gluten products but I feel ick afterward. So for now I am working on being GF. If anyone has recipes or tips send them here.
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  1. my boyfriend thought he might have had a gluten allergy about a month ago so we went gluten free, too! but for me it was borderline hell because we're also vegetarians and sooo we kinda need those breads and stuff to make dinners and lunches. haha not a whole lot of options left once you take out your meats and wheat ;) but it's really not all that bad if you still eat meat! and we tried some of the gluten free bread, too, and it was pretty tasty! though really expensive. maybe try pinterest for recipes? and i know there are a lot of specialized gluten-free cooking blogs, too :)

    xo Marlen
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