February 9, 2013

How's it going, Sara?

With one month under my belt and less then 8 weeks until back in the U.S. I thought I would give you all a little update on how I'm feeling..

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School: New month, new classes. I finished last month with A's in both my classes, HOORAY! But now my classes (History of Spain's lit and History of Spain) are kind of...blah. The professor is good but has soothing voice that makes me want to sleep, she does know her stuff. I just need to stay focused and get good grades in these classes, too. Though it's kind of hard because I've been bitten with the travel bug so all I want to do is see everything.

Friends: Better...I went to a party last night and it was so fun. It was a bunch of people from school who I knew but didn't before had. We had a very fun time! I've been making a very conscious effort to go to events and meet people and I feel it may start to pay off. I

Riley: Miss him but we skype and text...we're making it work pretty well. I am excited to see him when I go home! He's as supportive as ever, which is nice when I'm stressed and ranting about whatever to him. He's a good guy and I am so lucky to have him.

Family: Miss them too and I may look at my count down every day (as of now I have 44 days until they are in Spain with me!!) I text them lots and call weekly or more (apps we use are Viber and Whatsapp..which are awesome btw if your going abroad for any length of time).

Physically: Besides yesterday morning I have felt good. I felt like tossing my cookies...if you know what I mean...blah! However now I'm feeling much better. I eat pretty healthy and we walk a ton but I stopped running....so this weekend if Im feeling up for it I'm going on a run, seriously I need to. However, I did do something to my back so we will see...oh hot mess Sara.

Food: So much good delicious food all the time. Dinner is my fav because we have a variety of cheeses, bread, chicken or fish and salad. Yum! However, I am a bit sick of ham...so much ham all the time.

Spanish: Improving! Especially after going to Paris I was feeling very good about Spanish. I can communicate with store clerks and in restaurants. My host mom and I have conversations about literature and politics and they are successful conversations. Its a great feeling!

Anxiety: Comes and goes but I have come to realize and be ok with unplanned and crazy times. This has been a great learning experience for me and my anxiety.

Weather: It has been warmer then Minnesota. We average between 35 and 50 degrees (with more towards 50 recently), however it rained the last half of January everyday, which sucked.

Work: I have a little job here and its so fun! Three days a week for an hour I play with Carmen. Carmen is the most adorable little 4 year old girl. Its been so fun helping her practice english. Its also good to get away from home and to make some extra spending money.

Host family: My host mom, Elena, is fabulous. I seriously love her. She is so sweet and just wants to make sure we're happy. Her daughter, Maria, has been living with us too which I don't mind. It makes it more lively. Though its a bit tight in the apartment at times (one bedroom, one bathroom, 4 women), but I've come to realize I don't need a lot of space to be happy. Its more enjoyable to get out and enjoy Madrid (we live in the best and most hipster location, according to me)!

Blogging: I've been feeling a bit blah. I don't know if thats because I feel like I'm posting the same thing or I'm lazy and just want whats in my head to already be on the screen for you all to read...idk, but don't worry I'm not going away...just talking!

Well for now that is all! I hope you all have a great rest of your weekend!
Much love,

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