February 7, 2013

Paris days 3 and 4

Paris day three consisted of bipolar weather (clouds, sun, rain, snow and sleet), Notre Dame, a lot of caffeine, coffee shop hopping, Sacre Coeur, a ridiculous amount of delicious food, people watching, reliving our childhood and just laughing about nothing...all with my lovely life long friend Kathryn (check her out here). After our trek back to the hotel we ate chinese food, cookies and some wine and watched Pitch Perfect. It was an amazing day.
The final day in Paris (since I don't have any pics relating to that adventure) Kathryn took me to a church she had been going to and I realized how much I had been missing it. So Amber and I found a church to try out this coming weekend. After leaving church a bit early so I could catch my flight we ran into a bit of a problem. The train track that was suppose to take us to the airport was under-construction...mind you this was the same train I took from the airport into Paris just three days prior. So after waiting for a good 20 minutes confused we found a family from Italy who had a flight at about the same time I did and were panicked, too. So we all hopped on one train, then a bus and then a tram, ran through the airport to my terminal and I made it through security with only 10 minutes to spare. Needless to say it was very very very stressful. Kathryn and I kept saying how our mothers would kill us for not allowing enough time. Oh well its all part of the adventure, you live and learn! It was so amazing to get away so thank you Kathryn for showing me an amazing time in the city of lights!

Much love,