July 1, 2012

Family Trip to Small Town America

Mama ready for the adventure!
Dad driving to the middle of no where! ;)

My Rachel and I by an old car from the 70's that was in a field.

So I live in total suburbia-land and I love the hustle of big cities but I truly love to visit my dad's hometown.  It  is always so peaceful, lovely and life really does seem to slow down. We stayed at my Aunt and Uncle's farm house. It isn't a working farm but it still has a really cool barn and tons of land to roam and the house is so cute. Plus, that night we stargazed and saw 15+ shooting stars, it was the best.
We stayed there with my Aunt Julie and Uncle Dave (the owners of the house), my family (parents, siblings and dog), my Cousin Jenny and her husband Levi and their son, DJ and my other Aunt Rhonda and her husband Ray came to visit. My cousin Anna had to work this weekend so we couldn't see her. And my cousin Adam and his wife Amanda live in North Carolina and had their first baby, Axton, that day!
It was a great trip. We just talked about life and enjoyed the outdoors (especially Bear). Ryan was able to try out some guns and Rachel was able to drive on the dirt roads. It was great to all just spend time together when normally we are all crazy busy. Family weekends are the BEST! I love you family! 

The eleven year old took a drive on a dirt road with Uncle Dave.
The little one playing with Aunt Terri!

This little fella didn't want to go to bed. He wanted to play outside.
Who looks more scared?
How scary is my Aunt Julie? She is wearing the little guy's (her grandson's) hat!
From across the country, my cousin Adam and his new baby!

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