July 1, 2012


So I don't know about you but I am quite obsessed with this fiery red headed princess. My mama, sister and I went to this movie yesterday and I just loved it. I think that the plot had some gaps in it (what movie doesn't) but overall I loved the fact that the newest princess disney makes a mistake but realizes almost immediately that she was wrong and tries to fix it, something I think my generation needs to learn at times. Though I believe that Tangled is easier to follow for younger kids (ages 3+), Brave may be my favorite and I think is great for ages 6+. Oh and I loved that it showed a great mother-daughter relationship and they are scottish...kind of the best accents. Ahhhh, you just must all go see it! Brave is overall outstanding in my book and gets 5/5 Sarastars*!

How can you not love this lil' Merida?!

*Sarastars are a new more awesome level of awesomeness that denotes greatness for various things. ex. 5/5 most awesome, 3/5 plain awesome, 1/5 ok awesome.

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