July 3, 2012

Oh the Lovely Things

Be Calm

1) This craft above. Pipe cleaner letters covered in yarn so cute!

2) Literally loving this all covering idea.

3) Ted Talks. Especially this one.

4) Its the 4th of July soon..bring on the fireworks and street dance!

5) Moonrise Kingdom is a great quirky movie...so good!

6) Avocados in and with everything.

7) Reading for fun. What a concept for a college student!

8) This blog is so darn cute! I just want to hug this guy..I can hardly stand it.

9) I am extremely obsessed with braids in the hair for summer! Check out my hair board on Pinterest.

10)  Dresses...with the heat and humidity around here it is all I've been wearing.

P.S. a tutorial is coming about making the super simple yarn covered pipe cleaners! 

1 comment:

  1. What a lovely list. I really loved that paint chi wall, and I agree braids are a must this summer. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog :)