March 6, 2013

An adventure to Rome, the Spanish Steps, a Plaza and Pasta

In an ideal world I would have had this blogged 3 days ago however, blogger/wifi decided not to allow my photos to here is the first of my Rome adventures with my good friend, Hannah
We arrive in Rome late Wednesday night/early Thursday morning after the worst flight of our lives (Hannah had a drop of water fall on her in the plane, we were delayed 20ish minutes due to navigation system problems, so much turbulence, Asian man next to me took over the whole arm rest, so many ads on the plane, my head felt ready to explode when landing...just to name a few....note avoid flying Ryanair). We then barely making the last bus into Rome due to the delay (a cab would have cost us probably 50+ euros one way and the bus was only 8 round trip). So after the adventure getting in to Rome we arrived at our hostel and slept.
Thursday morning, we had the free breakfast from our hostel and headed off for the day. We walked to the Spanish Steps, which were about 15 minutes away from our hostel. It was such a beautiful day to just enjoy the weather (I love you sunshine!) and people watch as we explored the area. When we went on our bike tour on friday our tour guide told us some fun facts about the steps. Fact 1, there was (and still is) Spain's embassy in this area so the steps were open to only Spanish citizens. It was literally gated off! Fact 2, at the top of the steps was a french church and the French were mad they couldn't access their church through this area. Fact 3, France and Spain had a little fight over this area which is in Italy. Fact 4, now the steps are open to all! Hooray!

After exploring the Spanish steps and surrounding streets, we walked to this other plaza (name? I have no idea) and drank water out of the fountain because we felt like thats what we should do and posed by the lovely lions. We also saw a man with a cat on a leash....which was odd. 

After walking for some hours and doing some window shopping we got delicious pasta and wine (well not me because I was on antibiotics for my stomach bacteria deal and ear at Pastificio for only 4 euros (thank you It was a great first official pasta meal in Italy (note: our first official meal in Italy was at 1am at a sketchy McDonalds of Chicken bbq sandwiches because we needed wifi to find our hostel). After lunch, we walked to the Vatican (Btw the pope was there too...history in the making!) but that is a post for another day!

Much love,

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  1. I looooove reading about your European adventure!!! Although I'm not religious, it is my dream to go to the Vatican because of the architecture!!! Ahhhhh!!! You're so so lucky to be in Rome!!!