March 8, 2013

Typical Spain Week

Becasue it probably seems like all I do is travel and do cool things I thought I would give a run-down on my average week in Spain. Honestly its like any other normal (boring) college student but in Spain!

Monday: wake up late (10:30), have breakfast, sit in bed and go on pinterest, get ready for school, go to school, class 12:45-2:15, lunch 2:15-2:30, second class 2:30-4, go home, go on pinterest or plan trips, 5:35 take metro to Carmen's apartment, play and speak english with Carmen 6-7, walk home if nice or take metro home if cold, do homework/study, eat dinner 9:30, shower, go to be 12

Tuesday: Repeat but no Carmen, after school I usually go to a cafe and do homework, blog or go on pinterest....I love pinterest! Or go explore Madrid a bit before dinner.

wednesday: Identical to Monday!

Thursday: Identical to Tuesday!

Friday: Identical to Monday, unless I leave for a trip or go out with friends later. Also I usually talk to the parents/family after school:)

Saturday: If in Madrid, sleep in (as per usual), go to a museum or some cool Madrid attraction, lunch at 2:30/3, siesta!!!, blog/pinterest/watch a movie, go explore the neighborhood, go out with friends and stay out late or stay in and have dinner at 9:30 and go to bed at a decent time....ha!

Sunday: Repeat of Saturday, minus the going out late because school is on Monday! Also, I sometimes get to Skype Riley and/or Nugget!

So after writing this all down....I realize I am so boring even in Spain...but I have been loving every minute of it!
Much love,
P.S. My classes this month are later in the day but my schedule is basically the same.

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