February 26, 2013

Sevilla, Espana

Hey all! Sorry for the lack of posts and such...its been crazy. After Morocco, I got ill. Originally I thought I just had a cold and would get over it but after a few days I was getting worse so I went on and adventure to the doctor solo (this was on Thursday)....this doctor (who was not through and didn't listen to my broken spanish) said I just had the flu and need to rest. So over the weekend I rested and didn't leave the house from friday night until monday morning for school. After not being better by Monday night my host mom decided she wanted to go with me to the doctor. This time we went to a different doctor (much more competent and they brought in a translator so I would know exactly whats happening)...he said I had a double ear infection and a stomach bacteria. Gross. So now that I'm hopefully on the mends and currently I am in Rome (after surviving finals), here are pics from my 7 hours in Sevilla before leaving for Morocco.

Hannah's roof top and neighborhood

Streets of Sevilla!

The Mushrooms


Market of Triana

Cutest fresh juice cafe

Cool buildings on the street

Very old tower

Hannah and her NY style pizza

Plaza de Espana (its giving the America's a hug)

Much love,

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