February 25, 2013

The adventures of Sara: My self made long weekend Feb 15-18

For whatever reason blogger doesn't want to upload pics and I'm lazy/sick/dying so for now here is the story of my trip to Morocco (its long but quite interesting, I think so at least)!

I traveled to Sevilla by train early friday morning (so early I took the first possible metro to the train station) from there I met my friend Hannah from high school. After getting very turned around within 20 minutes of being in Sevilla we found our way to Hannah's home. I met her energetic host mama and saw her room and such. From there Hannah became my tour guide for the day until we had to jump on a bus to Morocco. In Sevilla we trekked around for 7 hours with our packs and saw it all, which was awesome because I don't think I will get down there again in this time in Spain. After walking a ton, we both had sore feet because of course we developed blisters the week before (go us!). So we got some cervezas and paella at an outdoor restaurant by the park...mainly because we (I) needed to use the bathroom before our bus and ferry adventure.

After eating, drinking and peeing we went to the bus stop and got on one of the two busses filled with a total of 110 american college students. It was crazy! After our 2.5/3 hour bus ride to the port we went through security and onto the Ferry. At that point we were officially off to AFRICA, by this time it was around 7pm...I had been up since 5am so I was starting to become a mess! We bought ourselves some gummy candies from the duty free shop on the ferry (who knew that existed?!) and settled in for the 1.5 hour boat ride to Morocco. Once in Morocco I was over traveling...donezo! But of course the day was not over.

So once through security again in Morocco we had to wait for 1 hour...on a curb....next to the port...in the dark...in MOROCCO for our buses to go through security. Though I didn't feel unsafe I knew not to leave the large group of us...some others thought they could just go explore around...um no! They were blond girls too...dumb. So after waiting for a good 30 minutes Hannah realized she had to pee......really really bad! We figured from the port our hotel was just a few minutes away. FALSE! It was another 1 hour bus ride from where we were currently. So after asking around we found that we could have one of our guides walk us to the bathroom in the security building. We both peed because who knew when a bathroom would be near again. I swear bathrooms were the focus of our weekend.

So once on the bus again and driving for the final time of the night, we got to the hotel and had a yummy salad, amazing bread and cous-cous for dinner at 10:30pm. After that up to bed! Hannah showered because she doesn't have hot water at her home in Sevilla and I crashed at 12.

Lets just stop a moment and count the modes of transportation Sara took in one day...1 metro in Madrid, 1 train, another metro in Sevilla, a 3 hour bus ride Sevilla to Tarifa, ferry ride from Tarifa to Tangier, then the bus again for 1.5 hours to the hotel...end day after about 20 hours of being awake.

The next morning (Saturday) we were up at 7am, ate a yummy breakfast and were off for Chefchaouen (the beautiful city from this post). On our 2/3 hour bus ride there we stopped at a restaurant for bathroom usage. So I kind of expected to use sketchy bathrooms because we were in a third world country and traveling through the country side. So that was an adventure...even the boys were grossed out.

I digress...we arrive to the city of Chefchaouen for a tour of the Medina (from what I understand its a secure part of the city surrounded by walls). Our tour guide was awesome and so passionate/angry (still not sure) but it was so great to hear some history about Morocco. After the tour we had lunch (chicken, french fries, the best bread ever and a salad), then we had 4 hours to shop/bargain and look around the Medina. Hannah and I struggled....seriously! We got suckered into buying these very cute bags but ended up spending more then we wanted to on them. After that we got a bit smarter but we may have had some panic attacks along the way. We (especially Hannah) have been so use to saving money or spending very little...so the idea of spending 30 euros on a bag even if it was real leather and a big size was kind of shocking. After 3 hours of shopping we were done and wanted to go back to the hotel.

Finally we were back on the bus to the hotel. At the hotel I crashed and took a 2 hour nap before dinner and Hannah chilled in the room. During dinner there was a Moroccan fashion show going on, so you bet there were over 100 americans hardcore creeping on them. I cannot for the life of me recall what we had for dinner but it was good! Then we had time to chill. I showered and we both crashed.

Sunday, we woke up, packed up, ate breakfast and drove some more. The schedule said we were going to the town of Assilah near the beach but instead we made a small detour. A girl on our bus got car sick or was sick and was THROWING UP three rows in front of Hannah and I. We all felt so bad for her because this was not the place you wanted to be sick at. So instead of going to Assilah first we went to the caves of Hercules, which was awesome. Hannah and I got a 'friendship' agate, which is a brilliant purple/pink color.  Afterwards we rode, hung out and took a tons of pictures with camels. How cool is that...seriously?! Then we were off to lunch at this cute restaurant. We had a huge salad, chicken and fries (again) and fruit for dessert...however I am convinced this meal gave Hannah food poisoning and started my illness. From there we went to Assilah. A beautiful small town on the ocean with amazing graffiti. We only had 1 hour here which was a bummer because Hannah and I had some more shopping to do (everything is way cheaper in Morocco then in Spain) and it was just plain beautiful!

From there we jumped back on the bus, rode it for however long, got on the ferry after long security and passport stamping adventure. Before we arrived at the port we had to stop at a stop light and some people tried to hide away in the engine cabinet...which was a crazy experience. I can't imagine hating your life so much that you would risk your life by the engine of a bus. So finally on the ferry, we ate a sandwich and chilled on the boat. After a very long day, we finally arrived back in Spain, took a 3 hour bus ride to Sevilla (some people had scheduled busses and trains for 12:15 when we were suppose to arrive at 12...dumb) so a lot of people were stressed! Hannah started to feel like crap on the bus (when she got home she took her temp and had a fever of 101.5) and had all the symptoms of food poisoning. I felt fine at this point but little did I know I would still be sick a week later.

We survived a exciting and crazy Moroccan adventure! With so many laughs and craziness along the way. It was overall amazing. However, I caught so odd bug there and have been sick since monday (one week people). Last thursday I went to the Doctor and he said I just had the flu but after this long...I'm over it! And I'm going to Rome with Hannah on Wednesday...so get better body! Now I'm off to school because I also have finals wednesday...wish me luck friends!

Much love,

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