January 2, 2013

Foodie: Cafe Maude and a date night

Riley and I went on a dinner/movie date last Thursday on our 2.5 year anniversary ironically, as kind of a final goodbye to winter break and a hello to spring semester. We tried out Cafe Maude (because my amazing bosses gave me a gift card). The atmosphere was amazing and as was the food. We got the house fries with truffle sauce and bacon/chipotle popcorn to share. For our main course I had lamb skewers and Riley had an amazing burger. Overall our experience was great and super chill!  
After dinner we went closer to home to see The Hobbit. I would say that was great as well! And when we went outside it had snowed even more so my boy scraped my windshields as I sat in the car to stay warm. I would say I am pretty blessed to have him. 

Happy New year and much love,

P.S. I just want to note that I go to spain on Saturday...AHHH! I feel so unprepared but so excited!

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