January 4, 2013


So here is the official start of my Spain posts. I am leaving tomorrow and I am kind of freaking out, kind of really excited and kind of anxious! Here's a little peak into my packing craziness...

 It only took about 7 hours and three people but I did narrow my wardrobe down and shoved it into one suitcase now weighting 47.7 lbs (a christmas miracle if you ask me)! So now I'm off to spend time with my fam! See you all in Spain!
Much love,


  1. Sara! I can't wait to follow along through all of your adventures in Spain. I miss Madrid SO much. You're going to have such an amazing time. I hope the flight went well today and that you're settling in!

  2. Ohhhh Spain, how exciting!!! How long are you going for? Oh you're going to have such a beautiful time. I'm going to India in a month and only taking a backpack... you can only imagine my panic when it's time to choose what clothes to bring