December 29, 2012

DIY: Tie blanket

Hooray for DIY christmas gifts! I decided to make Riley a large tie blanket so he could wrap up and stay warm while I am away in Spain. So I was going to go with the traditional tie blanket but I found this tutorial for tying but with smoother and cleaner edges. 

Supplies: Two pieces of fleece (1-3yds. is standard, I used 2.5 yds.), safety pins, scissors, ruler, paper

1. Lay out fleece so edges line up and safety pin together.
2. Cut out a square of the corners. Look at the tutorial I used (I forgot to take a pic).
3. Using the paper, cut out a template for the length and width of your fleece strips. 

4.  Using the template cut strips for each side. As you cut a strip flip fleece strips so they lay flat on top of the top fleece. 
5. Once you have cut your strips go back around and and cut a small slit in each strip. 
6. Thread both fleece strips through the small slit.

Overall, people have said it takes longer but I think it was more convenient and looks much better than the traditional tie style! And even more importantly I think Riley loves it! 
Much love,

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  1. that's such an easy, great idea! and you chose such a cute pattern too. very very thoughtful :)