September 3, 2012

Oh the Lovely Things

1) Chalkboard everything please! Here are some of my favorites!
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

2) Yoga is always the perfect thing to make me feel better, calm and stretch my muscles. Its my dream to become this strong and flexible.

Photo found here.

3) My intro to gender class. I'm so intrigued to learn more. I'm a nerd!
Photo found here.

4) Living with this Nugget has been a blast so far! 

5) I am so ready for fall! UGH! I'm so sick of the heat. I want to be able to wear sweaters, scarfs, tights and boots. 


  1. Love this, love your blog. Following you now!



  2. I love chalkboards, too! And yoga & fall are basically two of my favorite things in the world. Good thing I'm going to yoga tonight and fall is just around the corner. :)