September 17, 2012

Foodie: Mongolian Grill

This unassuming restaurant is a new fav for this gal. Mongolian Grill is located in my small college town, though the decor is nothing super amazing the food and makes up for it! 
 Its set up like a grab the size bowl you want (small, medium or large) and then fill it to the rim with veggies! After all the veggies you pile on noodles and sauces. After you have the mass of food the cooks cook it right in front of your eyes in about 2 minutes! 
It was so cool and yummy! And it was great to get out of the dorms and spend some quality time with the floor mates. Plus, it was a fun, quick, cheap and a semi-healthy dinner that gave me a ton of leftovers! Hooray! Goodness I like good food too much!

Much love,

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