July 6, 2012

DIY: Pipe Cleaner Quotes

Hooray for DIYs! 
So this summer I'm kind of obsessed with doing projects and crafting mostly due to pinterest 
This is super simple and easy. 

Step 1) Gather pipe cleaners, yarn, beads (optional) and find a favorite quote.

Step 2) Use pipe cleaners to form the letters of your quote. I chose "be calm" because I am a spaz especially during the school year. Twist the ends of new pipe cleaners to the previous ones to connect multiple pipe cleaners.

Step 3) Tie yarn to one end and start wrapping. You want to try and get the end of the yarn wrapped under the other yarn so you don't have loose ends like I do. 

Step 4) If you choose to change yarn color, like I did, tie the next yarn on top of the other yarn so to secure it. Wrap the new yarn around and around and around (with the other yarn's end underneath).

Step 5) I chose to place beads on the ends of each word. To do this slide them on the pipe cleaner. I made sure to leave a small section of pipe cleaner without yarn. I also threaded the end of the yarn through the bead to secure it.  Hopefully that makes sense.

Step 6) Repeat until quote is complete. Reform any letters that may have distorted.

Step 7) Enjoy your creation!

(if you have any questions please comment below and I will clarify.) 


  1. This is awesooome !! I want to do a giant one in my daughters room saying "be quiet!" hehe just kidding. I do want one though. Weekend project sorted !


  2. This is awesome. I love it! I need to think of a quote to do this with.