February 4, 2013

Paris Day 1

Hello again world! I am back from my first day of new classes (History of Spanish Lit, and History of Spain) and from my weekend in Paris with my life long (literally) friend Kathryn, who has been studying architecture in France for the past 6 months and the next 4 as well (she's so cool and so brave being away a whole year). So I have a large number of Paris pics so I decided to break them up by day. Here are day one's photos and the scoop! 

I arrive in Paris around 1:30 after my easy flight but difficult metro trip to the center of Paris (note: paris signs are not easy to follow even if you have written down exactly where to go). So after driving around on the employee bus with the nicest non-english or spanish speaking Parisian bus driver for a good 1/2 hour I found the metro. The metro was only a 45 minute ride to my stop. From there I walked to my hotel through the Luxembourg Gardens and check-in. I dropped off my bags in my really nice hotel room (thanks mom and dad) and realized I hadn't eaten since 6am. So I went to a decently priced Cafe close to my hotel for an omelet, which was delicious! Then I decided to go see the Eiffel tower because why not! I took a bunch of selfies of me in-front of it that will not be making it onto the blog because they are that hideous (I just had to spell check half of the words in this sentence..uffda). After I roamed the streets back to my hotel, people watching along the way and stopped to get a baguette and cheese because thats normal to have for dinner (right? right!). Back at the hotel I ate my bread and cheese and watched the only english speaking channel I could find on the TV (because there were crazy and scary noises coming from the hallway) and did some hardcore pinning on pinterest. 
There you have it folks...day one of Sara's Paris adventure!
Much love,
P.S. I got the grades back for my classes last month and I got A's! Whoop whoop! 

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