January 23, 2013

Trips I'm planning

Above are my lovely self made maps of places I am planning traveling to/have traveled to. Its still a bit iffy for some of them because of time (so much and oh so little at the same time).

Madrid- Jan-March...Well I live here...its home base!

Toledo- Jan 19...Went with Amber last weekend for the day. So fun! Beautiful!

Plans made:
Salamanca- Jan 25-27....THIS WEEKEND with my roomie, Amber! I still have to buy a train ticket but I'm so excited because this is where I wanted to study in the first place.

Paris- Jan 31-Feb 3.....The following weekend to visit my dear friend Koko! So excited and nervous because I know no french.

Need to make plans:
Sevilla/Morocco- Feb 14-17....I have a good high school friend, Hannah, who is studying in Sevilla and found a fab planned trip to Morocco..we still have to book it but I'm ready!

Rome- Feb 27- March 3....Also with Hannah, I've started to do some research on hostels and things to do. I'm so excited and I know the boyfriend is so jealous because he's obsessed with Italy.

Granada, Barcelona, Segovia and Córdoba, all within Spain but I don't know if I have to time to visit them all!

In total: 2 continents, 4 countries (Spain, Italy, France and Morocco), and 10 cities throughout my whole time here! And yet with all these on my radar to do there are still so many places I want to go! 
Where to you want to visit?
Much love,

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