January 20, 2013

Toledo, Espana

On Saturday Amber and I took a quick 30 minute train ride to Toledo. It was such an amazing beautiful city! There were rolling hills and beautiful buildings even though it was kind of cold and rainy we had a great time. Honestly, I don't know what else to say besides that Toledo is a must see when in Spain and these pictures don't do the town justice. It's that beautiful and makes me speechless (shocking!). Well it is late here (almost midnight) and I have school tomorrow so hasta luego. 
Much love, 
P.S. A little shout out to Mrs. Flo's third grade class. I hope you all enjoy the photos and feel inspired to travel the world someday. It's an amazing and big world I hope you all can see.


  1. Gorgeous scenery! I can see why you say that town is a must see, it is stunning from every angle. Plus that food looks so yummy! And how cool to see the suits of armor.

  2. Such gorgeous photos and these makes me want to go there (I missed Toredo when I visited Spain a couple years ago). Great post! xo akiko
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