December 21, 2012

Hollidazzle Parade

Hip hip hooray for getting the gang back together again! Basically a week ago (Woah time has flown) I arrived back home and by Sunday most of the friends had arrived back too. It has been so joyous to see these lovely faces again. So to celebrate our first moments back together, on sunday night we loaded into the man van and headed downtown to see the Hollidazzle Parade. (Does a parade like this exist else where?! Seriously let me know if it does.) But basically this is a parade that happens every Thursday through Sunday night from Thanksgiving to Christmas, featuring people in costumes containing Christmas lights! Its way cool (not that you can tell from my blurry iphone pics). There are different themes like Zoo, Wizard of Oz, Disney,  and of course SANTA! We had a blast even though we couldn't feel our toes at the end. 

Much love,
P.S. Does anyone else have 10 blog drafts literally half finished? Because I def do not.....

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  1. Aw fun! I've lived in Minneapolis for five Christmases and have only been to the holidazzle once! I need to make it to another one soon!