November 4, 2012

The ABC's of my weekend

New series! The ABC's of my weekend. I will pick some or all of the letters to describe my weekend!

Apartment- hooray a place to live next year.
Bonding- with my floor mates!
Comic Con- fun event put on by college.
Dreams- weird dreams (I lived at my high school..weird).
Election- researching candidates!
Free pizza- need I say more?
God- took some prayer time and reconnected with God.
Homework- blah...
Independent- candidates...I like them but we will see who I actually vote for.
Jokes- stolen blankets and racing through the hall.
Kate- from Lucky Bandit..check her out. I like her.
Light saber battles
Nugget time- movies and a friend date!
Over ate- too much food.
Panic- I feel like I have no
Quack- ducks like rain! right?
Rain- cold rainy days.
Spanish- evil studying but lovely language.
Underwear- I wear it daily (obviously couldn't think of anything good to say here)!
Vacuum- Nugget and I cleaned!
Workout- it has become part of my normal routine.
eXtremely lucky- not very many words start with x, but I am lucky.
Yak- pretty cool animals (once more nothing good to say here).
Zoo- sometimes I feel like my life is a zoo.

Have a great start to your week! 
Much love,

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  1. This is such a lovely post idea! My favorite letters are M & T. Macklemore and T-Swift. They're both completely different artists but they both have amazing music. I hope you had a great weekend!