October 6, 2012

Last week and weekend in September

So I have been MIA again...sorry! I've been catching up from the last week in September, when I was CRAZY! It was homecoming week and we baked over 700 cookies, made a cookie costume, went to Mall of America, a Twins baseball game, walked in a parade, hung out with my floor amigos until the wee hours of the morning and did homework...kinda! I even got a wicked bruise to remember the weekend (via falling out of a car moving 1mph). Needless to say it was a swell weekend!

Monday-Wednesday: bake 700 cookies, sew cookie costume, do school and homework.

Friday: Class, Mall of America (see Riley!!!), twins game with roomie and friends.

Saturday: Parade, laundry, nap, hang out with friends until 4am!

Sunday: Homework, procrastination at its finest and a bruise!

Much love,

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  1. i know you had a looot going on, bu i couldnt get passed that you baked 700 cookies! That's like my heaven right there, I don't know how you managed to control yourself and not eat them all