October 21, 2012

DIY: Dream catcher

Here's a super easy and cute DIY for you all (though the directions are long...haha)! 
So for some reason I was suddenly obsessed with dream catchers. Why? Maybe because of they're fun whimsical and cheap to make! I've made a total of 6 so far and have even given a few as gifts! 

So here's what you will need: wire, yarn, string, beads, or anything that could be made into a dream catcher (sticks? pipe cleaners? leaves? feathers?)

1. Make wire (or sticks, pipe cleaners, etc) into circle. Securing it by wrapping ends around each other.

2. Wrap yarn around wire so there is no wire exposed, if you please. Secure yarn with knots.

3. Then I used another string to create the inside web. You can do this in a couple ways.
     a)The first ones I made I just went back and forth creating a star like web. This is über easy to do.

     b) Two, wrap yarn around wire like the first picture below. Continue until you reach the beginning                                      
          and then continue wrapping the yarn within the first layer. Continue until you are happy with the
          web. Make sure to pull it tight as you go so that it won't become as off-centered as mine. Looks 
          complicated but is easy once you play around with it.

     c) Finally, If you have any crocheting or knitting skills, use them! I just created a magic circle (look   
        up how to crochet a flower and it will say). Basically I just randomly crocheted until I was happy 
        with how it would translate into a dream catcher. Trial and error for this technique.

4.  Add beads if you want to the ends or within the web.

5. Enjoy your creation!

The closest dream catcher was made with the crochet, the second and third were made with second web technique.

 If you have any questions, let me know! Have fun filling your home with these cute guys!
                                                                                                                                                 Much love,


  1. Oooo!! Pretty!! Super cool!!
    P.S Love the new blog look!! :D

  2. Wow Sara, I haven't been here for awhile and caught up on your posts/seen your new blog look! It looks great! I have a Native American dreamcatcher above my bead too and I love it. This is such a cute idea, I really like them made out of yarn! I'd been fun to make some earrings or jewelry out of this! Maybe that's a little advanced!

    perfectly priya

  3. Lovely dream catchers! They look beautiful, and it's so much more special because you crafted them yourself :)