August 13, 2012

Michigan: Part Two

We are officially back from Michigan!
 After at 16 hour journey home (with a stop to see family on the way) we arrived safely home.
It was an amazing vacation filled with good laughs, fun adventures to small towns and into cool shops, on hikes through forests and dunes, game playing, swimming and just good old chill time. However, our favorite activity would have to be people watching but we take it to a new level and make up stories for the people walking by...its great fun and creates hours of entertainment.
Now, we're back to the real world of work and prepping for school (I move back in 10 days! AHH!). So much to do and so little time. Life (especially summer) always seems to move faster every day.
I hope you all are enjoying the last few weeks of summer. Any fun plans to fill your days?

Much love,


  1. Glad you had a wonderful time! My vacation is officially over, but it was great while it lasted!

  2. Gorgeous photos! Nothing beats midwestern lakeside spots in the summertime.

    <3 Josephine

  3. Aw, Michigan looks so nice! I've always wanted to visit! x