July 18, 2012

Foodie: Tum Rup Thai

My Hannah Janana:)
Appetizer! Deep fried deliciousness!

So delicious...though I have yet to go to a restaurant I haven't liked this summer. Tum Rup Thai is (as the name suggests) a Thai restaurant. I love Asian food and this Thai was so delicious. I had a spicy veggie and chicken stir fry with white rice. Hannah and I split cream cheese wontons for an appetizer and delicious fried bananas with mango sorbet for dessert. It was delicious and so filling (I took home a major portion for lunch the next day). It was great to spend time with my Hannah Janana and catch up on life something we hadn't done in FOREVER! So this is another restaurant I would recommend. It has a great atmosphere and in a great area of the city. 

Me and my ridiculous amount of food!

Dessert! Mango sorbet=yummy!

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