June 17, 2012


This is my sarcastic excitement about this late night storm.
I have not decided if I love or hate storms yet but currently I cannot sleep due to this one. And on to of that I am afraid that we will all die (Oh Sara) due to it...yeah I'm not a worrier. The thunder is shaking the house and the lighting makes my room bright as day. The sirens went off a while ago, so we were all huddled in the basement. Before the sirens, I tried listening to music and burrowing in the covers to sleep but I am still awake. So I have decided to compile a list of summer goals.

Spend time outside
Go to the beach
Bike everywhere
Do those DIYs
Try new restaurants
Swing/Salsa dance
Work on spanish
Have a tea party
Finish my room
Have family time
Bon fires with marshmallows
Go camping and hiking
Concerts outdoors
Spend time with friends
Crochet hats
Read every book

So there is is a mini summer bucket list.Now off to try and sleep and not die. Night...I hope.

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