June 22, 2012

Fort Building

A while back Riley and I built a fort! I had it up in my room for about three days and I even slept in it. Riley had never built one as a child but now we built probably the BEST fort in the history of ever! As a child, my brother and I build many in our basement and enjoyed hours of fun in them. I feel that forts are the best kind of fun ever. It literally feels like you're in your own world. I think the next fort I build will contain some twinkling lights.

Enjoy your weekend and maybe even build a fort!
Much love, Sara

1 comment:

  1. Great post Sara! I'm not sure what is wrong with Riley's memory though. He built many forts when he was young and played in them for hours and days. Not only at our home but at his Grandmas with all his cousins:)