June 23, 2012

Foodie: El Meson

So I basically you mention anything that has to deal with Latino/Hispanic/Spanish culture I'm done for. I love it all(Hence why I am studying abroad to either Spain(#1 choice), Costa Rica or Ecuador in the spring)! Any who, the group of us went to this restaurant El Meson which is a Spanish-Caribbean bistro. Literally had the best Spanish food of my life. Now this was no taco joint, it was mouthwatering awesomeness. Hannah and I shared   a dish with eggplant, lots of veggies, and a delicious sauce. It had so much flavor. We also had empanadas with salsa, which were again YUMMY. So if you are ever in the area...go to El Meson. It has the best unique Spanish cuisine I have ever had. Oh and on top of the amazing food there was a Flamenco dancer and two guitarists. So great friends, great food and great entertainment pretty much can't be beat!

Eating delicious food!

Posing with the Flamenco dancer!
(Riley, Hannah, Me, Flamenco dancer, Nicole, Eric, Kaylee!)
How we end the night, with a picture next to a Auto Body Shop!

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