April 7, 2013

Rome cooking class

Sorry for being way MIA again but I've been re-adjusting to life in the good ole U.S.A. I arrived back in Minnesota March 31 and since then I've been crazy seeing all my dear friends. Monday I visited Riley, Tuesday went my sister's soccer game, Wednesday knitted all day with a good friend from high school and then I drove down to college to visit friends, Thursday through Saturday I went to visit the boy again and see friends in the city and now its Sunday we spent time with extended family! So needless to say its been crazy. Tomorrow I'm hoping to start a more normal schedule with blogging and life. So now that you know whats been up....we're going to rewind to my Rome trip.

On Saturday of our Roman adventure we took a 5 hour cooking class. It might be one of my favorite parts of all my European adventures. It was an experience filled with 2 of my favorite things...good food and my good friend Hannah. Our chef Andre and his wife were so welcoming to all of us in the class. We learned how to prepare artichokes, homemade pasta, some complicated chicken recipe that involved fire, delicious spinach, potatoes and soufflé. It was the best meal I have ever had and I actually plan to make everything again...except the chicken because fire and scary. It was not only fun because of the food but also because we met some really cool people from Portugal, the UK, NYC, Washington DC, and I believe Switzerland. It was a great day!
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