April 24, 2013

5 things

My host mama's granddaughter, Julia (center), my Spain roommate (right) and I.
1) I was named after my mama's favorite babysitter, which I now find ironic because I like to think of myself as a pretty good babysitter.

2) My hair can't decide if its straight, wavy or curly...literally changes on a daily basis. Though it is kind of nice because when I do style it, it can hold curls, be straight or whatever! So thats nice!

3) I use to only drink tea but now I am addicted to coffee....but with a little less than half steamed milk and a packet of sugar. I am in love with coffee!!!!

4) I pee probably around 200 times a day..no joke! And when I'm nervous I have to pee even more. It became even worse when I went to Morocco because I never knew where the next acceptable  bathroom would be.

5) My handwriting is worse then most boys. I get annoyed with writing things by hand because my hand doesn't move as fast as my brain..but typing I'm a pro! However, I love the look of nive handwriting.

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