March 16, 2013

MIA once again...

So I have been very MIA once again because wifi/my computer will not upload pics on to blogger...I don't know how to fix this problem so I will just keep trying everyday and hopefully fix this problem soon....wish me luck because technology has not been my friend lately.

In other news, I have made some new great friends and have had some fun and crazy times going out with them (I may have lost a pair of earrings and have a wicked bruise on my knee...). It has been amazing to find people to click with but at the same time its sad because I have so little time left.

On that note, in 6 days my family lands in London and I will be going to Valencia with the friends! In 10 days my family will be in Madrid with me!!! I am so excited! And in 15 days I will be home in the crazy is that?! I kind of don't believe it. I'm sad to leave but also excited to eat peanut butter and sleep in my own bed...oh and see that boy of mine:) 
As for now, I'm off to drink café con leche and then go explore Madrid.

Much love,

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