February 17, 2013

Temple de Debod

Currently I am in Morocco but here is a little post about something so cool in Madrid. Literally a 10 minute walk from my house is this 2,200 year old Egyptian temple! Why is a Egyptian temple is located in Madrid...well from what I understood is that it was a gift from Egypt to Spain due to Spain helping Egypt...I think. Any who, its so cool! It's free to enter and you can even touch the hieroglyphics...which are over 2000 year old! Its way cool not only because its old but also because though its in the city,surrounding it is a huge park. Its close to home but in the city but also nature! It's kind of my current favorite! Family get excited to see this because we are going here!

I don't know what the deal is with this but its kinda cool.

Much love,

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