January 13, 2013

Foodie: San Gines Chocolateria

Down the unassuming street Pasadizo De Ginés (pictured above) located the most delicious churros con Chocolate I have ever eaten (not that I've eaten many before). They were warm, fresh and sweet but not too sweet and when dipped in melted dark chocolate it was heavenly. After the churros are gone a waiter comes by to pour cold milk into the chocolate cup to make some very rich hot chocolate. I highly recommend San Gines Chocolateria though more expensive (by only 1 euro) then other churro cafes we've seen I liked it plus its famous...so it must be the best, right?! Plus it was super cute and I am a sucker for cute cafes! On a different note, I'm struggling to spell more then usual (spanish spelling is kicking in more)...so I apologize in advance.

Mucho amor,


  1. Yummy Churros!!! I'm glad your having the time of your life! Everything there looks so beautiful (: Enjoy the time you have there!

  2. Wow! I have tasted this delicious dish(chocolate with churros) once while i was in Madrid in Spain. It is really so yummy.
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