November 12, 2012

You start off...

...your week saying "wow, its going to be a chill week"! 

And you get all excited at the prospects of getting out into the winter air and taking actual clothing pics for your blog when suddenly you realize.... 

you have a test tuesday (haven't studied yet), office hours and meetings wednesday, more meetings, a poetry reading for a class, twilight part 2, and freezin' for a reason (sleeping in boxes all night for homelessness!) and the prospects of see the boyfriend on Friday plus study abroad stuff to get done along with that thing called school and there is your week. Booked to the max! 

Gosh! This always seems to happen....I need to become a better planner...though then I may be considered OCD. Oh well! Off I go to do a million party at my place, all are welcome to join me! I'll make the tea! 
Anyone else feel like Monday hits and all hell breaks loose?
Much love,

1 comment:

  1. Haha! I love this! Totally!
    I always think I don't have any events/meetings/things to do...and then it all come rushing back to me...
    Oh Mondays: You are ridiculous.