October 17, 2012

21 before 21

Riley and I struggling with pictures on our birthday. 

So I just had my 20th birthday! Hooray for surviving the teen years, so here is my to-do for the next year until I hit the big 2-1!

1. Travel around Europe.
2. Sing karaoke. 
3. Finish crocheting a scarf and hat.
4. Sew.
5. Learn to drive stick.
6. Get caught up with How I met your mother!
7. Run a 5K and 10K.
8. Stop complaining.
9. Grow this blog!
10. Learn constellations. 
11. Explore small towns around my home.
12. Donate my time to a cause.
13. Slow down.
14. Learn to really cook a meal.
15. Follow politics.
16. Thrift often.
17. Hold an owl.
18. Find my passion.
19. Learn to actually brew coffee.
20. Keep a journal.
21. Donate my hair.

Much love,


  1. What a great list! Some of these are on my bucket list too.
    Like travel around Europe. I moved to England at the beginning of this year, from New Zealand, so I'm super keen to get out and see some countries!
    Good luck with your list!! :D

  2. WOW! Happy Birthday! Thank you for following :o)