September 27, 2012

Eric Hutchinson

This week is my schools homecoming! HOORAY! Its been crazy busy around here (we've made over 600 cookies and I even sewed a cookie costume for a parade!). On monday, Nugget (aka Hannah), Lizzie, Lizzie's friend Mya and I went to the free Eric Hutchinson concert. It was only Eric and the  Elliot (who was so cool) playing. Elliot had dreads down to his waist and could play the accordion. They were so talented! We were literally in the second row and we got to meet him afterwards! So I'm pretty much BFFs with Eric now!

Much love,

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  1. Woah woah woah! I remember this dude! I saw him alll over Vh1 but I forgot what the song was called now. So cool though! Looks like it was a fun show ;-)