August 1, 2012

College Study Tips

So summer is sadly coming to a close and school will be starting back up in a few weeks for most (25 days for me! AHHH!). I personally love going to class and learning but homework, studying, papers and tests no thank you! However, it must be done so I have compiled a list of the little things that got me through my first year of college last year with flying colors (if  I do say so my self;).

Each long term study session usually contain a sad picture to the boyfriend. Attractive, I know.

1)Planner, sticky notes and to do lists.
Half the battle is remembering what you still have to do after you have been up for 19 hours with 5 hours of sleep. So for me I wrote everything down in a planner and in addition sticky notes and I would also have a running to do list that would have everything written down that I have to do. That way when I crossed something off I felt like I have accomplished something..hooray! 

2)Allow yourself a day to sleep in once and awhile.
I believe sleep is SO important. I am one of those people that literally needs 10+ hours of sleep a night, which is not good in this fast pace world but I manage (with lots of caffeinated tea). So sleep in once and awhile its the only way your brain will be able to function properly and remember all the things you must do. 

3)Note cards are your best friend.
Though your hand may fall off from writing a million trillion note cards it will be worth it I promise. Though they seem old fashioned and dated they are a staple to any one of my study sessions. Though there a tons of online flashcard makers and apps to make them ├╝ber convenient (I'm just a dork and love paper note cards).  

4)Though you should do this without me saying...GO TO CLASS!
That is the only way you will know anything, even if the teacher is bad and "doesn't teach". Though many teachers don't take attendance, they do notice when you are gone. Going to class helps the teacher recognize that you are serious about their class (even if its a dumb general).

5) Know your teacher and make sure they know you.
This goes hand in hand with going to class. If the teacher knows you have been going to class, working hard and turning in your homework then (I believe) that they will be more willing to allow you extra time, help and a bit more lenience with grades. However, this does not mean kiss up to the teacher, this means work hard and many teachers will notice and appreciate it.

The face of an angel. ;)
6) It will end and it will be worth it.
There will be class that will make you want to shave your head out of frustration. There will be classes you work your butt off and the best you get is a C. It sucks but know that it is only for a semester (or trimester or quarter). As my dad would always say " You can do anything for ____ amount of time." And if you work hard it will pay off and that could be the grade and/or knowledge that helps you get into your desired program.

7) Zone out.
Sometimes its good to just zone out, watch some TV, go on Facebook and hang out with friends to forget about school.

8)Find friends who care about school.
This is so helpful. If you are hanging out with people don't study, you may just do that to. But if you have some friends who are well balanced and study hard, get good grades and have tons of fun it is helpful. (Even though we all believe we make our own decisions, we are influenced by the people we surround ourselves with.) 

I was raised in a household that taught hard work will pay off, even if it's not now, someday it will. So work hard my friends because I want you all to be successful and to have all your dreams come true.

P.S. If anyone else has good study tips, send them my way!


  1. Excellent advice. I once took the cost of tuition to my private liberal arts college and divided it by the number of class hours held to figure out how much money I'd be wasting if I didn't show up to class. I didn't miss class often, but after that, I never missed a single one- even when I was sick, I'd drag myself to that lecture and head straight to bed afterwards! My best tips would be: don't start a term paper the evening before it's due (I learned that one the hard way), take classes with field trips, and study abroad. Anywhere. Just go!

  2. These are all such great tips! And photos, of course ;) I especially like "know your teachers and make sure they know you." I've always felt I've done better in classes where I have a good relationship with the professor, it makes it so much easier to ask questions and learn the material. Also, I'm excited for school too. Does that make me a nerd? Yes. Do I care? Hell no.